No kidding…

I had a great visit to Fibres West, a fibre art show in Abbotsford, BC today. More about that later…

While I was fondling their yarn, Devon and Cherie from Hummingbee Farm told me two of their angora goats were expecting babies, so they were phoning home to Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island for frequent updates.

Well the next time I circled round Devon grabbed me and told me something had happened…

Hummingbee Farm's latest addition


Isn’t he gorgeous? I threw the name Paddy into the hat seeing as it’s St Patrick’s Day, it seemed to suit him.

Their stand was pretty creative too, all Cherie’s handiwork apparently.

Acid brights


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  1. bobbie (from SARK) says:


  2. Victoria says:

    Oh, they are so cute. Wish I could have gone too!

  3. Angora goats ~ oh my goodness, how soft must their wool be? Gorgeous 🙂

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