Spring colours



Logwood chips and the colours of bean, cochineal and brazilwood dyed wool yarn

I’ve had so much fun this weekend in the dye studio.


I’m trying to get just the right shades for my spring beret. To begin with I had another round with Brazilwood, using a range of different yarns. All the reds and pinks here are from the same Brazilwood dye bath, except the very pale pink in the top row, which is from Cochineal.




The blues are made with black bean. What do you think of those three fat skeins on the top row? Those are the ones I’m planning to use for the fair isle beret. But I wanted another strong, contrasting colour to complete the design.


I remembered Victoria’s intense purple results with Logwood and thought that would be go beautifully with my other colours. I made a fairly intense dye bath and went for it with my various types of yarn…I was not disappointed:




The deep purple in the foreground is the final colour for my hat! Now to write up the pattern and test the kit…


I had a lot of dye left after I’d done my intended skeins. I thought I’d play around and make a variegated skein of sock wool by making half of it damp and just dipping one section in the dye. The dye ‘wicks’ naturally up the skein as it dangles in the dye bath, giving a gradual variation from warm honey brown (the original colour of my sock wool achieved with previous hibiscus and onion baths) and the deep purple/brown from the logwood dip. Yummy!

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