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Julia Crossland is an immensely talented artist and illustrator from Yorkshire. When I was drooling over her gorgeous blog the other day I couldn’t help but notice she had some really, really juicy crochet displayed on there. I have to admit my crochet isn’t the greatest, but looking at some of Julia’s projects inspires me to get hooking. She even has a free e-book of inspired crochet designs on her website!
I’m so delighted that Julia has agreed to share a little bit about her love of crochet with Stitches Studio today! Here she is:

Julia’s lovely bolster and cushions

I’ve been crocheting for about three years. I taught myself one summer; I was staying with my sister in Suffolk and I bought the Debbie Stoller book ‘The Happy Hooker’, a big ball of acrylic wool and got stuck in. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back lol!

My favourite projects include my summer garden granny square blanket, and my rainbow bolster cushion cover. Im also rather pleased with my little smart phone cover which has served me well this last year and always gets nice compliments.

I’m usually inspired by things I see on the internet (like other crochet websites including Little Woollie, Attic 24 and Bunny Mummy) or things in books and magazines. It’s usually the colours that capture my attention, as well as the design. I also like to look at Japanese crochet books – there are some beautiful things to make in those and I’ve tackled a couple of projects, my most recent being a Japanese Flower shawl. My crochet projects are pretty separate to my art in that I use it as a wind down at the end of a busy day. Crochet is a great way to switch off.

I have been known to get obsessed with projects, especially when I’ve just started or am nearing completion. I have been known to be busy cooking tea and hooking at the same time! I also like to crochet on the go and will take a hooky project on holiday or trips out with me.

My wish at the moment is to try and fathom out a Japanese pattern for making crocheted slippers! The pattern is a little bit complex, but I’ll get there 🙂

Right now, my crochet is very much my way of switching off and relaxing. I find the rhythmical nature of the patterns very therapeutic and calming, especially something like a ripple or granny stripe pattern. I have been contemplating starting up a local group where folks could meet over coffee and cake and either learn the basics or just bring a project along and get busy…it’s a thought in progress that one!

 Julia xxxxx

Thank you so much Julia!

Don’t forget to take a look at her  free e-book of crochet patterns.

Julia’s facebook page is here
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