Three bags full

Got any wool? Yes actually, three delicious bags of it just arrived from World of Wool. If only there was a ‘touch’ facility on this blog…trust me you would be loving it. SO soft.

From left to right we have Merino blended with mulberry silk (just take a moment to imagine how that feels…ok as you were), centre stage we have Bluefaced Leicester and on the right a large bundle of pure Merino top.

I have to say they are absolutely gorgeous just as they are, but some sections will be heading into various dye pots very soon…I have hired a spinning wheel from my local guild of spinners, weavers and dyers – for the princely sum of one pound a week! So the plan is to improve my skills and have some fun with all this yarn, I think my children will join it too with the wheel and maybe a felting needle.

I also couldn’t resist these little batts of roving in spring colours – I bet I will play with these first.

C’mon, even people who aren’t yarn obsessed can see those are adorable…?

My biggest challenge? Getting my ‘work’ finished in time so I can play with these later today.

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