It’s been a crazy old week…very little has gone to plan.


Work…not accomplished. Chaos…multiplying. Kids…on their summer break, with the youngest trying to injure himself weekly with any combination of skateboards, rope swings and nose dives into the pavement he can muster. Husband working overtime

A few times this week, the meme I’ve heard 

– I knit so I don’t kill people –

has crossed my mind.


The truth is – knitting is the one thing that I can complete, that I can make to fit, that I can finish on my own darn schedule – even as I sit waiting for my son to be patched up at the hospital from his latest injury.


I finished my Levenwick cardigan, by Gudrun Johnston. Project notes for Ravellers here.

DSC_0097(He’ll be fine. I’m declaring the rest of the week a holiday – before it unravels any further.)

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