Wonderful Woad

Today I tackled my woad plants, which the caterpillars had been really enjoying…

Woad growing

How I got from that, to lovely blue and lilac-grey colour is for another day. But here’s what I got from less than 100g of woad plants:

I’m really impressed with the amount my plants yielded, and also pleased with the result as this was my first time growing and dyeing with woad. I’ll be going into full details of how I did it in the next post!

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  1. That’s the pecfret insight in a thread like this.

  2. This shows real expietesr. Thanks for the answer.


  1. […] begun spinning some of the bright yellow along with the carrot-top dyed fibre. I’ve harvested woad from my own garden, carrots from my brother’s and fennel from my parents’. Whatever I […]

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