According to knitwear designer Gudrun Johnston, “aestlight” means “east light” in Shetland dialect. It’s also the name of a lovely, garter stitch shawl with a traditional construction: this means knitting a garter triangle first, then picking up stitches along the two shorter triangle sides and working outwards evenly, and finally knitting a lacy edge sideways, picking up stitches on the outside of the triangle as you go. I’ve made shawls in several directions, but this is the first I’ve done with a “knitted on” lace edge.

I spun the yarn – Corriedale in mainly natural shades with hints of brighter merino blended in – as I went along. The shawl used up every last inch of my yarn…
These are the colours I wear most often – bright greens, chocolate browns, strong purple and soft grey. I didn’t necessarily plan to put them all together in one garment, I just played around with colour as I spun and let the shades blend into each other organically.
This is number six of my target dozen shawls in 2013. Yes, I know, I’m way off target…but I do give myself extra credit for spinning the wool first, which more than doubled the time the project took.

I blocked my shawl out this morning, while the eastern light was just coming up over my garden fence, and the moon was still big and round, setting in the south west. I’m sorry you can’t feel this shawl – it’s springy, bouncy, stretchy and lofty in ways that an internet image can’t quite convey. I think I will be wearing it most days this winter.


Here are the other shawls I’ve knitted this year:

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