Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and website at Stitches Studio! I’m Helen, a mother of two from the UK, and I’m a knitting addict.alpaca flower

I spend my days working from home, 100 percent focused on my job as a specialist freelance journalist squeezing my ‘real’ job around various obsessions – the latest patterns on Ravelry, designing bits of lace, protecting my woad plants from slugs…

We live in a fast-paced, and often throwaway culture. I’ve chosen to make things slowly, by hand, with love. I’m not claiming this is compatible with modern, family life…but I’m giving it my best shot.

I learned to knit and crochet as a young girl, suffered needlework lessons at school, and became passionate about dye techniques during a textiles qualification I took in my teens. I even designed clothing as an intern with a respected fashion designer. Then I let it all slip away – to get a sensible degree, a wage and a profession. Life sped up, I couldn’t keep up the pace. I eventually dropped city life and headed – literally – for the hills. It was probably a decade before I tentatively took up my knitting needles again…and found that I couldn’t stop.

On my website at Stitches Studio I’m offering my exploration of various techniques and (often beginner level) adventures in dyeing and spinning. As well as following along with step-by-step dyeing blog posts, you are also welcome to browse my patterns, some of which are free!

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I was incredibly fortunate to recently spend almost four years with my family living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It was there that my love of all things knitting and fibre was rekindled. There I teamed up with Victoria for dyeing adventures and the occasional pint…do check out her great blog posts, and gorgeous skirt pattern.


I have been a knitter (and part-time crocheter) since my mother taught me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I have fond and comforting memories of sitting beside my mother, watching her knit, anxious to create something of my own. One of my proudest moments was wearing my first finished sweater, a mohair-blend fair-isle. I wore it on the first trip to the cinema that I went to with just girl friends when I was about 13; Grease. It was way too hot for comfort! But knitting has been a constant creative, and relaxing past-time through the years. I enjoy textiles arts and love the textures, colours, and the almost limitless possibilities of working with yarns and fabric. I am excited by the current resurgence of knitting, having spent many years as a solitary knitter. (Thank you Internet and great places like Ravelry). It is wonderful that so many people are finding joy in creating and sharing something they have made.

An elementary school teacher by profession, I am also the busy mother of two young children who keep me on my toes and distract me from spending time on the things that I love to do. But we know that goes with the territory.

I moved to Vancouver, from the UK about 18 years ago and fell in love with the city almost instantly. It is not difficult to find inspiration here; surrounded by the beauty of the natural landscape and the coastline. I like to write and tell stories and am looking forward to sharing some of the adventures that we have as we explore different aspects of the creative process. And have some fun on the way!