If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!  It’s been a crazy old week…very little has gone to plan. Work…not accomplished. Chaos…multiplying. Kids…on their summer break, with the youngest trying to injure himself weekly with any combination of skateboards, rope swings and nose dives into the pavement […]

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Shawls stalled

Dartmoor...near ancient bronze age village

Shawls – remember I was going to make on every month this year? Well I need to confess that I’ve stalled. I’m not likely to scramble to catch up and knit myself into a frenzy over it. There are a couple of good reasons why June, July, and now, most likely August are going to […]

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Check it out!

Checks & Balances sweater

Wow – this is my kind of pullover! I have been a big fan of all things checked, tartan and plaid since my mother out me in hand-stitched tartan frocks as a young girl. Even today, when I show her my latest plaid purchase, she tends to say “haven’t you got one a bit like […]

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Birthday crafts


I’ve been playing with my sewing machine…all day. I’m very pleased with the project I have underway… Just before putting the machine away for the night I whipped up this little card for an elderly relative who will soon be 90. Seemed worth using every scrap of these lovely printed quilt cottons. I’ve also seen […]

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Nine ways to use Pinterest…for knitters

9 Ways to use Pinterest - for knitters

Unless you’ve been living in the wilderness for the past year or so (and if you have, kudos to you, I expect it was lovely) you will have heard of Pinterest – a totally visual pinboard-type social media service, both for collecting and organising your ideas, and for sharing them. Without any instructions at all […]

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Saltwater shawl

saltwater shawl 2

The Vancouver East Side knitting crew has been at it again… Check out the fab pictures to accompany a new shawl design – Salt water – by Sylvia. Can you spot another talented designer? Yep Caitlin Ffrench is modeling with her husband. Too darn cute.

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I didn’t knit that for you…

The perfect break up song, if anyone out there needs one… By the indomitable Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, known to knitters everywhere as Mason-Dixon Knitting.

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Jackaroo by Amy Herzog

One of the things my husband remembers about me when he had a crush on me as a teen was my cardigans. I was always wearing one – given that summer in the UK can be a bit hit and miss, I pretty much had one with me 24-seven, 365 days a year. Well the […]

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Wave goodbye…

IMG_0266.JPG (2)

I’m going to wave goodbye to this sweet little sweater I knitted for my youngest son today. I enjoyed making it – it was one of my earlier efforts in cables and I was proud of how it turned out. But the truth is, sadly, he never wore it. He found it “itchy” even though […]

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Bon voyage


The crazy stripe socks are done…and they are off to France tomorrow. On the feet of a very special 12 year old, on his first major school trip. He is a very cool customer, and an avid historian (my friend caught him spending pocket money in Waterstones on a serious tome about the Norman conquest […]

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