Pointers to some useful techniques

Kitchener stitch

This stitch is used to seamlessly graft two pieces of knitting together, where you have live stitches on both pieces that you want to graft.


It is very useful for finishing off the toes on a top-down sock, and also comes in handy when joining a long scarf to turn it into a circular cowl (as in the Pumpkin Spice Cowl pattern!)

Here is a video tutorial, graciously shared with permission by Michelle Hunter. If you’ve not already done so, check out her lovely website – she has many excellent video tutorials and



Written tutorial

For those of you who prefer written instructions with photos, I suggest this excellent page on ‘the zen of kitchener stitch’ by Laura Nelkin.

Patterns and guides

Links to a few tried and tested books by leading designers. {Full disclosure – these are affiliate links}